Music according the mood.

Music according the mood.
noviembre 7, 2019 lunesbypae

Music according to the mood.


Everybody has a favorite music style that we all love listening to always by using earphones, with high volume on speakers or while driving our cars.

From the very beginning to current days music has always been with us through history of mankind. It has always been with us and we have made it part of us. Have you considered that the reason why you like listening to music is because of the connection you have with music or feelings raised by it?

Music is so varied and it is branched in different music genres. When having so many perceptions, each person can choose and listen to his/her own favorite music genre. Music kinds can be chosen to be listened depending on: musical taste, experimented mood at the moment, performed activity at the moment and the one which is going to be accompanied by background music, etc. Music has many purposes, but the point here is to know which song matches with that precise moment.


Currently, music consumption can be reached by any person, so users can access to their server and download their chosen songs on internet due to streaming technology. If you want to be relaxed, you will like to have ballad or instrumental playlists, but if you want to rock the party, you will turn up the volume and play pop/rock music. There is a music genre waiting for you at any time. It also works when we feel sad or happy since we will like to listen to music according to the way we feel. 

When you want to turn down your daily rhythm and get relaxed, you have to try to listen to soft music so you can feel distracted and get energized. If you need to be up and keep your mind clear, you have to listen to something more rhythmical and energetic. However, if you feel sad it would be good if you listen to music that helps you overcoming those bad moments. Music allows us to be out of the real world and get the stress out, which is something that actually affects us badly, or it does not allow us to keep going with our routine. You have to find your ideal music genre for each moment. 


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