Activities which will help to have a better day

Activities which will help to have a better day
noviembre 1, 2019 lunesbypae

Look after your inner child.


Our world is full of distracting elements, where there will be always something that could attract our attention, even for a quick instant.

Such excess of distracting elements is not only an obstacle to pay attention on things happening around, but it also means that these distracting elements become in perfect excuses so many times that they are confusing for us between both important and urgent aspects. This actually explains the reasons about not taking the time, dedication and required efforts for so many tasks we all have to perform.

 However, there is something far more important that we always forget about: ourselves. Yes indeed! We are used to leave ourselves behind at any time because we care about things that apparently are more relevant or important for use every single day. There is nothing wrong with it because we know that responsibilities will be always there, but you will as well, and that is why we will introduce you the mindfulness principle, which is a relatively easy conscious attention exercise concerning its initial approach and it can be performed at any time during the whole day.  

We can give you an example of this: Set your alarm clock to ring in one precise minute, so these following 60 seconds will be used to focus your attention on breathing. It is only one single minute. Keep your eyes open and breathe normally. We are sure that your mind will get distracted so many times, but it does not matter since you have to focus your attention on breathing once again.

This attention-based exercise is much more powerful than you can ever imagine. It is necessary to have some years of practice before you are capable of completing one single minute of full attention.

You can practice this exercise so many times during the whole day in order to restore your mind in the current time and give it little peace.

Take a minute for yourself, you deserve it!

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