Built something with your own hands

Built something with your own hands
octubre 24, 2019 lunesbypae

Built something with your own hands.


We live in a world full of updates, disposable things that have a service life defined by manufacturers, a world where mass production allows us forgetting of the things we consider “useless” and we simply throw them in the garbage without consider any possibilities of fixing them.    

However, with all of this we forget how it feels to build something by ourselves, to restore that magic and wonder about discovering something new. That precise moment where any object, even crude, is going to change into something new little by little, and it will have a different effect, something that could be useful or used exclusively as a decoration for some spot.

Our forefathers surely had a big satisfaction when building a new object that solved a necessity or simply when they discovered that joining many objects could be turned into music.

It is time that we all go back to be so creative and to have objects in our hands in order to create something unique, something that amazes us all, something that did not exist before and start giving us a new outlook on how things can be made. You have to soil your hands, break a couple of things and stick them again, give yourself the chance to reinvent something.

Forget for a while that living things in this world are massively produced and look for the chance to make something that belongs to you and you only.

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