Expanding your intelligence laterally.

Expanding your intelligence laterally.
octubre 4, 2019 lunesbypae

Expanding your intelligence laterally.


We all have a leading topic when we talking about knowledge, either we have studied during our whole life for such purpose or we are working to get it currently. Knowledge is part of us, whatever the means to learn it. Nowadays, it is not enough to only know information about one topic since we all live in multidisciplinary world and the more knowledge you have in many different topics, the further you will go. 

Long reading or even research workdays are required in order to increase knowledge. Nobody said this is easy, but such effort will bring many long-term advantages. Being interested in intellectual laterally growth will open your mind to new horizons. We are not suggesting the idea of being an expert in every single topic, but the idea of having basic notions on concepts that will help you understanding each and every discipline in a better way.

One of the advantages about knowing a little from everything, especially when being involved with other people who practice a profession or have a charge different from yours, is that you may understand some topics they are talking about, and you will have basic theories just like them. The latter will allow you having conversations with very different people.

We have to consider that things are not totally enough if we really want to take our minds to the next level. We can make a huge mistake by the time we believe we know everything since we can always learn something new, explore different topics and find new concepts. You get stuck and become less progressive if you are only worried about the things you already know.

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