Reading or watching fiction that provides you with new outlooks

Reading or watching fiction that provides you with new outlooks
octubre 18, 2019 lunesbypae

Reading or watching fiction that provides you with new outlooks.


Have you ever thought about the main goal that fiction has in our lives? Literature, series and movies exist for some reason and we have taken them from one generation to another. We normally think that the purpose of fiction is about leaving the world behind and immersing in another world that gives us a relief, but the right answer is actually far away from this.

Even if there are fiction contents which purpose is about showing an absolute oblivion of our reality, or those contents that are truly justified and which purpose is about going far beyond, their main goal is to generate double experience: Provides us with a new and even exotic world, and generates an identification sense with those things happening only in fiction at the same time.

Why do we want this double experience to happen? A fiction causing conflict and identification simultaneously provides us with a deep reflection on our reality, while it gives us new outlooks enriching our present times.

Therefore, we can say that fiction is an entity that wants us to fight against our reality and at the same time is providing us with other realities that feed our empathy. This will give us lots of things for our personal development. So, even if you like to read, going to the cinema or watching series, you have to look for contents that provide you with this double experience, excluding empty contents that only feed leisure and pump our ego.

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