enero 14, 2020 lunesbypae



We are all the sum of many actions, histories, traditions and beliefs. Each and every one of these elements defines us as people in the world and in some way is a complement for us inside the society we all live in.

Family is the first place where everything begins. It is the first step that helps us to define how we will be for the rest or our lives. It provides us with a northern direction related to our behavior in some places and helps us to efficiently develop ourselves with others.

It does not matter how your family look like, they will always have a place for you to be listened, advised, and a place where you can have a great time surrounded by people who share ideas with you.

Maybe today is the proper day to call your family again and remember that we are all so lucky to have all of these resources and people who love us. It is a matter of having all necessary means to get closer and show love and attention each other.

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