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It is true that we all born in this world alone.  All the actions we make while being here are decisions that belong totally to us and us only.

However, we know people over the life whom we can share lots of things, experiences, unique moments and they will also be there even when these moments are the worst ones.

Indeed, we are talking about your friends. Those friends who surely traveled alongside you to the beach, those ones who visited a nearby town in your city or that simply shared a Thanksgiving dinner with you. Each and every one of them is part of your life history and that is why you have to take care of that relationship as if you have just met them.

An unforgettable experience is given by simple moments that are shared. Being surrounded by people who love and appreciate us makes everything better and makes us fondly remember those experiences. There will be moments in life however where you prefer to be alone in order to have some rest or think about personal matters, but when you want to live with other people, you have to try to spend more time with them. This way you will feel happier instead of being lonely.

We know that both time and professional requirements make you feel a little distant from them, but there will be always many ways to be close of them even if it is not physically. Take time to send messages to them occasionally, or have some dinner together at night.

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